• What is ITS?

    ITS stands for Intelligent Transport Systems and the term is used to describe the application of information and communication technology to support all areas of transport including operations, safety and protection of the environment.

  • Who are ITS Nigeria?

    ITS Nigeria is the common name for ITS Technology Network; a company limited by guarantee and sustained by members subscriptions. It is the Nigeria association for all who are interested in the field of ITS. We are affiliated to the Network of World ITS organizations and have individual mutual agreements with some regional and national ITS organizations. we aim to increase the deployment of quality ITS solutions in Nigeria, to develop Nigeria’s ITS market and create employment opportunities , to promote Nigeria’s ITS expertise abroad and open up international partnership opportunities to member organizations through organizing and participating in international ITS events.

  • Who are the Members of ITS Nigeria?

    Membership is corporate, and member organisations include Government Departments such as the Nigeria Institute of Transport Technology, Ministry of transport, state transport departments, suppliers and consultants, academic and research institutions including leading Nigerian universities, and other relevant organisations such as transport providers and police forces.

  • What activities does ITS Nigeria undertake?

    The Secretariat provides a news service to Members, answers queries, facilitates new contacts between Members, and undertakes representation abroad at events on behalf of the whole Membership. Seminars, specialised interest group meetings, conferences and workshops take place at the rate of at least two per month. ITS Nigeria organises the Nigeria pavilion at the annual ITS World Congress, where Members can exhibit in a very cost-effective way, and arranges delegations and missions, both in- and out-ward. The ITS Nigeria Secretariat is run in a responsive way and will always try to fulfill the wishes of Members.

  • What does it cost to be a Member?

    Membership is corporate; all staff working for the Member organisation will be regarded as entitled to Membership benefits including attendance at events and the receipt of general or targeted mailings. Corporate Membership is N168,750 per annum plus tax, or N100,000 plus tax for SMEs. Also available are Foundation Membership, which carries a seat on the Council (board) of the Society, and Associate Membership (for not-for-profit organisations and organisations without a Nigeria base).

  • How do I find out more?

    Email info@itsnigeria.org and ask for the comprehensive ITS Nigeria Information Pack.