Membership Grades

Our membership is open to all organizations and individuals with an interest in transport. Whether you are already actively involved in ITS, or just want to know more about ITS and ITS Opportunities available or perhaps you are looking to network with like minded individuals/organizations at local and international ITS events, ITS Nigeria has got a lot to offer you. Our membership grades have been structured in such a way that you can easily find your place within the organization. It is also possible to switch membership grades on an annual basis if you desire.                                    

Associate Membership

  • This is open to individual practitioners, young professionals and graduates with an interest in transport. In some special cases a select number of not-for-profit associations with an interest in transport may also be admitted into this category. To find out if your organization may be admitted into this category please contacts ITS Nigeria secretariat at the address given in this document.
  • Cost: N30,000.00 per year + VAT

Corporate (Ordinary) Membership

  • This entitles all employees of the Member Company or organisation to participate in ITS Nigeria local and international events and activities. Information can be sent to up to two named individuals at one location.
  • Cost: N168,750.00 per year + VAT

Corporate (Foundation) Membership

  • The Foundation members form the Council of ITS Nigeria, which determines the strategy and activities of the Society. The Chair and Vice Chair of ITS Nigeria are elected by Council from its own ranks.
  • Foundation Members enjoy additional discounts at events and are given priority where places are restricted, such as trade missions and other Government events. Information can be sent to any reasonable number of staff at any number of locations.
  • Cost: N337,500.00 per year + VAT

Student Membership

  • This is free to Students enrolled at our Member Universities. A small fee applies to others.  For more information and to join as a student member please contact the secretariat using the details provided within this document.

Membership Form

  • If you would like to join ITS Nigeria or to request an information pack to be sent to you please contact ITS Nigeria secretariat.