Our Strategy

The mission and aims are achieved by:

  1. Drawing together active players and interested parties, by means of targeted Interest Groups, Task Forces and other fora, to lead the debate about and knowledge of ITS deployment.
  2. Educating and informing, in an accessible way, practitioners and stakeholders both within and beyond the current ITS community.
  3. Providing other membership benefits and services sufficient to attract and retain high membership uptake across all categories of ITS practitioners and stakeholders.
  4. Adopting and maintaining high national profile and influence and an international reputation through:
  • a high-profile President able and committed to promoting the mission;
  • a Chairman and Vice Chairman, committed to the ITS Nigeria Mission and holding senior positions in the ITS sector:
  • an Ambassador dedicated to raising the profile of ITS Nigeria
  • the use of relevant people and media (including the press) to raise awareness, knowledge and debate about ITS issues of both strategic and topical relevance; and
  • promoting participation in targeted international activities such as ITS World Congresses and other regional ITS conferences such as ITS Europe.
  1. Developing, maintaining and promoting leading edge ITS seminars and documentation, demonstrating best practice, forethought and relevant case studies and indicating the economic, social and environmental contribution of ITS to transport policy.

Identifying, brokering and commissioning research unlikely otherwise to be commissioned on issues relevant to ITS deployment.