What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

Intelligent Transport Systems or ITS refers to a set of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based solutions, applications and services that are applied in all areas of transport in order to achieve, safer, more reliable and efficient transport journeys thereby supporting sustainable economic growth and prosperity. When properly implemented, ITS solutions have been proven to be a useful tool in supporting the delivery of policy objectives such as casualty reduction, crime reduction, traffic congestion and carbon emission reduction. Other objectives such as increasing accessibility, informing travellers, integrated transport and efficient management of transport infrastructure and assets are all being supported by ITS implementations.

Specific examples of ITS application areas include:

  • Traffic management
  • Real Time Passenger Information
  • Ticketing and Revenue Protection
  • Logistics and Fleet Management
  • Driver Information
  • Co-operative Highways and Infrastructure systems
  • Road safety and security
  • Enforcement solutions
  • Emissions reduction
  • Road User Charging
  • Automotive and Telematics
  • Fare collection
  • Mobility and accessibility
  • Navigation services