ITS Nigeria is the common name for ITS Technology Network; an organization registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a company limited by guarantee. We are a not-for-profit public/private sector association financed by members’ subscriptions and we provide a forum for all organisations interested in ITS with the aim of promoting the benefits and adoption of Intelligent Transport Systems in Nigeria. We are affiliated to The Network of National ITS associations; the umbrella international organization representing the interest of ITS industry and players worldwide.

Benefits of using ITS

ITS solutions have been proven to be a useful tool in supporting the delivery of policy objectives such as casualty reduction, crime reduction, traffic congestion and carbon emission reduction.

When combined with other conventional transport strategies, the benefits of ITS investments can be effectively maximised. Some benefits that can be derived from ITS investments include:

Potential to create a huge market

Efficient fare collection solutions.

Better informed travellers.

Encouraging the use of public transport

Smartcard and smart ticketing solutions

Creation of safer, smarter and eco-friendly transport systems

Reduction in accidents and casualty counts.

Realization of more secure and efficient transport networks.

Promoting modal choice through an integrated transport approach.

Helping commuters and drivers to find the best route to their destination.

Our Mission
and Aims

To promote Nigerian technology, capability, expertise and solutions both locally and internationally.

To lead informed and balanced debate on Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS)

To influence relevant policies by acting as the recognized reference point for expert information on ITS

To provide readily accessible opportunities for practitioners and stakeholders.

To increase knowledge and awareness of Intelligent Transport Solutions standards and best practice

Our Strategy


Drawing together active players and interested parties, by means of targeted Interest Groups, Task Forces and other fora, to lead the debate about and knowledge of ITS deployment.


Developing, maintaining and promoting leading edge ITS seminars and documentation, demonstrating best practice, forethought and relevant case studies and indicating the economic, social and environmental contribution of ITS to transport policy.


Educating and informing, in an accessible way, practitioners and stakeholders both within and beyond the current ITS community.


Providing other membership benefits and services sufficient to attract and retain high membership uptake across all categories of ITS practitioners and stakeholders.


Adopting and maintaining high national profile and influence and an international reputation through

a high-profile President able and committed to promoting the mission;

a Chairman and Vice Chairman, committed to the ITS Nigeria Mission and holding senior positions in the ITS sector:

an Ambassador dedicated to raising the profile of ITS Nigeria

the use of relevant people and media (including the press) to raise awareness, knowledge and debate about ITS issues of both strategic and topical relevance; and

promoting participation in targeted international activities such as ITS World Congresses and other regional ITS conferences such as ITS Europe.