Benefits of using ITS

When combined with other conventional transport strategies, the benefits of ITS investments can be effectively maximised. Some benefits that can be derived from ITS investments include:

  • Creation of safer, smarter and eco-friendly transport systems
  • Realization of a more secure and efficient transport networks
  • Better informed travellers through the implementation of on-road, web based and mobile information access and dissemination platforms
  • Reduction in accidents and casualty counts by providing drivers with useful on time information about road and traffic condition
  • Efficient fare collection solutions through implementation of prepaid Smartcard and smart ticketing solutions thus minimising loses and other risks associated with cash based transactions
  • Helping commuters and drivers to find the best route to their destination through navigation services
  • Promoting modal choice through an integrated transport approach supported by ITS
  • Encouraging the use of public transport by providing accurate and reliable Real Time Passenger Information
  • ITS has the potential to create a huge market that is capable of delivering thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenues in line with what currently obtains in countries with fairly advanced ITS markets.