Innoson Gone Global: Jamaica to import vehicles from Nigeria

Jamaica has said that it wants to buy cars from Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing.

Esmond Reid, the Jamaican High Commissioner to Nigeria, talked about this plan on Saturday during a tour of the IVM Plant in Nnewi Anambra State.

He said, “For us, it’s a great chance to see cars being made here in Nigeria, which is one of our southern brothers.

“It is also a chance to be able to discuss commercial opportunities for sourcing vehicles from Nigeria.”

“This is my first visit. I will go and consult with my stakeholders back home to look at the timeline and determine the negotiations and engagements and when we will start the business of sourcing the vehicles.”

Reid referred to the IVM factory as “top class”, promising to encourage Jamaican citizens to come and see for themselves.

“I congratulate the management of this company and I’m very grateful to the minister for making this visit possible for me. This can become the start of something great,” he said.

In his response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama called for strict enforcement of the Presidential Executive Order mandating government officials to buy and use Nigeria.

“I’m very proud. This plant is world-class compared to some of the vehicle manufacturing companies I have seen in some other countries. Innoson is doing well. Left to me, every government official should be obliged to buy and use a Nigerian-manufactured car. There is a Presidential Executive Order that requires government officials to buy Nigeria. That order has to be imposed and made mandatory. In France, it is impossible to see a French Government official driving a non-French car, same in Japan, Korea, the UK and the US. We have to do the same here. This will encourage and support our citizens and demystify technology,” he said.”

Source: CarMart NG

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