ITS Nigeria Webinar Spring 2024

We are happy to announce that Chinebuli Uzondu, PhD of Edge Hill University, UK will be giving the keynote address at the ITS Nigeria Webinar Spring 2024!!!

Session title: Transforming Transportation: Harnessing ITS for Safe Journeys in Nigeria

Chinebuli is a Senior Research Fellow at Edge Hill University Ormskirk, UK where she is involved in the design, execution, and coordination of research and service evaluation programmes in a wide range of sectors. Her primary research seeks to understand the environmental and social causes, consequences, and policy implications of transport problems. This involves using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, to inform the design of transportation services including infrastructure and/or technology interventions, and to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions. She has a keen interest in contributing to improving safe mobility, promoting active travel, and evaluating programmes in this direction.

If you want the opportunity to listen to the session of this seasoned transportation professional, register for the Webinar through this link: and get exclusive Webinar details.

Source: ITS Nigeria LinkedIn

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