ITS (UK) and NITT sign co-operation MoU

ITS (UK) and the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) Zaria have signed an agreement to enhance their respective international ties.

In the Memorandum of Understanding, both agree to “enhance the promotion of ITS innovations, knowledge and technology transfer towards the development and deployment of ITS in their respective countries.”

The two organisations will exchange technical information, facilitate contact and visits between ITS professionals, share policy issues and participate in joint ITS development research projects, where applicable.

For the NITT at the virtual MoU signing ceremony were Chairman NITT Governing Council Olorogun John Onojeharho, members of the Council Committee on Collaborations, the Director General/Chief Executive of NITT- Dr Bayero Salih Farah, who signed the MoU on behalf of the Institute. Also present were the Registrar of the Insititute Mallam Sule Bello represented by the Deputy Registrar- Mr Mainasara Mantoe and Members of the Institute Management witnessed the occasion. Jennie Martin, ITS (UK)’s Secretary General signed on behalf of her Society, witnessed by Operations Manager Rukshan Soysa and Communications Manager Paul Hutton.

In his address, Dr Bayero Salih Farah promised that the Institute will “optimise every opportunity that the MoU signing will avail the Institute for development of smarter, better and safer transport in Nigeria.”

NITT Director, Transport Research and Intelligence Department- Dr Joshua A Odeleye commented, “Transport in Nigeria is not yet smart. This is something NITT wants to change and we are so happy we have signed this MoU to boost ITS in Nigeria. We are looking towards a better vision of transport technology here in Nigeria, and ITS (UK)’s support will assist us in achieving that.”

It is predicted that by 2100, Lagos in Nigeria will be the biggest city in the world with a population of 88 million and Dr Odeleye added, “This is going to create a lot of challenges, but is also an opportunity if it is properly managed. We need to start now to upgrade our transport system. If it’s not smart and if we don’t start investing, then the challenges will be so overwhelming. So we are starting now to define a focus to identify the demand for transport, as well as the supply and this partnership will help us.”

ITS (UK)’s International Director, Niosha Kayhani welcomed the agreement by saying, “There are areas where each can learn from the other and from any mistakes either has made.” Jennie Martin added, “Signing the document is one thing, but we need to make it work, and we can look at our MoU with ITS Nigeria, signed a long time ago, that has long delivered information exchange, business opportunities and meetings. With the NITT, the MoU does not create a good relationship, but merely symbolises it.”

You can watch the full event here.

Picture shows Dr Bayero Salih Farah and Jennie Martin signing the MoU (Credit – ITS (UK)/NITT)

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