The six Congress topics have been chosen attentively to give you the opportunity to Experience Future Mobility Now. 

The latest technologies, the most innovative solution for cities and citizens, the third mobility dimension, the integration of different forms of transport into a single, on-demand service: this and much more will be presented, discussed and showcased through live demos, to create an unforgettable experience.

ITS brings a piece of future in the current times to experience what a smarter, cleaner and faster mobility looks like. Get ready to explore it with us! 

The journey to this October’s ITS World Congress in Hamburg is getting closer with the ERTICO-ITS Europe Webinar Series. The Webinar Series will profile key topics in the Congress and be a taster for what comes ahead in the autumn.

Webinar 1: Solutions for Cities and Citizens – New Solutions for the New Normal.
Watch here.

Webinar 2: New Services from New Technologies – Next-Gen Connectivity for Next-Gen Mobility.
Watch here.

Webinar 3: Experience Future Mobility Now – Up Close this October.
Watch here.

Webinar 4: Goods Journey from Ports to Customers – Smart and Sustainable Ports of the Future.
Watch here.

Webinar 5: Innovation and Deployment of Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility. Thu, Sept 9, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM CEST
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