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The ITS World Congress officially kicked off on Monday, 16th of October 2023, and it’s proving to be a remarkable showcase of innovation, collaboration, and the future of transportation. With cutting-edge technologies, visionary speakers, and dynamic discussions on the agenda, this year’s congress promises to be an event like no other. Stay tuned as we dive into the highlights and groundbreaking insights from the ITS World Congress 2023 which is being held in Suzhou, China, bringing you the latest developments in intelligent transportation systems and the transformative journey ahead.

More about ITS World Congress 2023:

The ITS World Congress is an international congress launched by the International Organization of Intelligent Transportation in America, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region, which is the most influential comprehensive international congress in the field and is also the most extraordinary platform for achievement exhibition and technology exchange. Since 1994, countries on three continents have taken turns holding it once a year to promote the research of cutting-edge technologies in the field and the application of intelligent transportation systems. The ITS World Congress has been successfully held for 28 sessions. It integrates the exhibition and academic conference to show the technological strength and research achievements in the development of intelligent transportation in the countries. Government officials, technical experts, businesspeople, and experts from relevant international organizations will be invited here.

In 2007, the 14th ITS World Congress was held in Beijing, with more than 5,000 people registered, more than 200 exhibitors, and more than 50,000 visitors. It has influenced 34 provinces, cities, and regions. The leading enterprises in traffic and transportation, information communication, automobile, energy, and ITS comprehensive application from all countries were invited to participate in the congress, and more than 150 academic conferences were held. There were more than 15,000 square meters of exhibition area and tens of thousands of square meters of outdoor space for interactive exhibition.

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