NASS vows support for funding, timely completion of railway projects

Sen. Adamu Aliero, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Land Transport, has reiterated the National Assembly’s commitment to ensuring adequate funding for the timely completion of railway projects across Nigeria.

During an inspection in Maikarifi Kano, Adamu expressed satisfaction with the progress of the rail line construction between Kaduna and Kano. He noted, “We’ve just traveled from Kano to Makerti and are impressed with the dedication shown by the ministry and contractors in meeting project deadlines.”

Highlighting funding challenges, Adamu stated, “We plan to discuss funding arrangements with the DMO, Minister of Finance, Attorney General, and Minister of Transportation, as oversight responsibilities lie with us regarding railways. We’ll advocate within the National Assembly to prevent funding shortages and ensure timely project completion.”

He emphasized the critical role of land transportation in Nigeria’s economic development, commending the government for continuing inherited projects and facilitating operations like container transport from Lagos to Kano.

Adamu mentioned, “We’ll strive to overcome financial constraints, with a significant portion funded by the China Development Bank.”

Hon. Mrs. Blessing Onuh, a House of Representatives member, echoed Adamu’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of railway transportation for national growth. She affirmed, “Both the House and Senate Committees will prioritize funding to meet project timelines.”

Transportation Minister Sen. Sa’id Ahmed Alkali highlighted the importance of the joint committee’s oversight role, stating, “Their direct inspection enables informed budget discussions and strengthens our defense of railway modernization projects.”

Source: The Tribune

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