Poor security and design: Wike questions contractors handling Abuja metro rail

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has questioned the contractor handling the Abuja Central Metro Rail station and Kukwaba stations over poor security measures and engineering design.

He stated this when he inspected the Metro Train Station in the Central Business District and the Kukwaba II station in the Piwoyi District.

Wike said his administration will not tolerate excuses for the failure and the contractors will have to work round the clock to be able to ensure the delivery of the project by the given deadline of May 24.

“When we first visited the Metro station, I discovered that there were many security lapses, and I remember when I first came after our inauguration, I did say that we have to work on the issue of security by putting up the fence around the Metro Station, to ward off criminals, but unfortunately, that has not been done. To my surprise, it was discovered that the contract was not even awarded to CCECC, it is a different contract awarded by the FCT, and this is my first time hearing that and we are going to take it up immediately, to see that it is being put in place.”

“We must also talk about the kind of vandalization and stealing that is going on there. We have security companies that were awarded contracts to secure those areas, yet things are happening. Excuses are being given on how security agencies release those that are caught but for me, that is not enough, and we are going to make sure that we have a different method to be adopted, to see that we can’t continue to give excuses every day. I have also directed that all the stations must be cleaned and also all the necessary things there must be provided. There’s no room for excuses at all”, he said.

On whether the state of work at the stations could affect the May 24 deadline, the Minister said he was not a pessimist, and expressed hope that the projects will be ready before May, adding that companies handling the projects must speed up work.

“This is one project that I’m so passionate about, and you know that Mr. President gave me a directive that must not be taken for granted. Therefore, we must come and make sure that things are in good shape. So, I’m not happy, the company must speed up, and those who are doing the access roads must also speed up. Here we are standing, and we have been assured that this road will be completed before May, we just hope so and this is the best I can tell you now. I’m not a pessimist, but also, I doubt. But by putting all our energies together, we might achieve it”, he stated.

Source: The Authority

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