The firm seeks the adoption of electric vehicles to alleviate fuel challenge

A leading global firm in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric, has said that it is high time Nigerians began to consider electric vehicles.

Its Country President, Ajibola Akindele, who spoke at a recent demonstration of the growing interest in electric vehicles, showcasing the cutting-edge range of Electrical Vehicle (EV) chargers at the West African Automotive Show in Lagos, said the company is committed to providing a reliable and sustainable solution for Nigeria’s transportation sector.

He said: “Fuel scarcity remains a significant concern in Nigeria and the cost is now an added challenge. Schneider Electric recognizes electric vehicles as a sustainable and efficient solution to addressing these issues, now and in the future. By shifting towards electric vehicles, Nigeria can reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions. Schneider Electric is committed to supporting this transition by providing reliable and scalable EV charging solutions.”

He commended the Lagos State Government in promoting the importation of automotive electrical vehicles (buses) into Nigeria.

He said, “This forward-thinking initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to cleaner mobility and paves the way for a greener transportation ecosystem.”

Marketing Communications Manager, Omobolanle Omotayo, who spoke on the exhibition’s success and visitor’s reactions, said: “The exhibition witnessed enlightening engagements with electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry professionals, which provided valuable insights on the growing EV market in West Africa and the need for a robust charging infrastructure to support the transition to electric vehicles effectively.”

EV Charger Product Manager, Grace Olorunsola, highlighted Schneider Electric’s diverse portfolio of EV charging solutions, saying, “EV charging solutions cater for the needs of both residential (EVlink Home) and commercial requirements (EVlink Pro AC). The charging solutions offer convenience and flexibility, ensuring electric vehicle owners can charge their vehicles efficiently without hassle. By implementing Schneider Electric’s EV charging solutions, Nigeria can seamlessly transit to electric vehicles and provide a sustainable and reliable transportation system for its citizens.”

Source: The Guardian

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