7 countries with the best roads in the world, while these 7 have the worst

What countries have such good roads that driving is a leisure activity? And which countries will give you a headache if you drive on their roads?

Good roads are signs of a wealthy and comfortable country. Bad roads are signs of undeveloped countries; they make trips difficult and cause more accidents and car damage.

Here are countries with exceptionally good roads and those with exceptionally bad roads:

1. Singapore

Singapore has one of the best roads

Singapore has the best roads in the world. Singapore’s government prioritizes road quality, investing heavily in inter-block driveways with high-quality asphalt, high-class markings, and up-to-date lighting and informational equipment. These inter-block driveways are ranked among the best in the world.

2. Switzerland

A road in Switzerland [ultimatedrivingtours

Switzerland’s highways are known for their intricate interchanges and high coverage, using specialized technology. Experts construct these interconnected roads, making even remote slopes and alpine areas accessible.

3. Austria

Roads in the alpines [grossglockner]

Austria’s roads are renowned for their craftsmanship, smooth tracing, good lighting, and a perfect fit into the mountains. With 18 highways, the country’s road network remains unaffected by challenging terrain, thanks to government efforts to ensure navigable and appropriate roads for its users.

4. Netherlands

The World Economic Forum ranked the Netherlands’ road infrastructure as the best in Europe in 2019, second only to Singapore. The Netherlands’ roads are noted for their superior urban planning, road building, and road surface. The principal thoroughfares in the Netherlands contain multiple lanes and elaborate interchanges.

5. Japan

The roads are normally in excellent shape, and most drivers are cautious. Due to Japan’s severe drunk driving rules, you rarely encounter a drunk driver. In fact, based on the number of fatalities per 100,000 vehicles, you’ll be driving through one of the top ten safest countries in the world.

6. United Arab Emirates

Roads in UAE [Gulfnews]

The UAE has one of the best road networks in the world, with at least three lanes on every road. The roadways are safe and comfortable, with barriers surrounding potentially hazardous sections for driver safety.

7. Oman

Oman’s highways are maintained by two ministries and a government organization, with foreign professionals overseeing them. The country invests in transportation systems, with the state, public utilities, private businesses, and oil barons involved. Oman’s roadways are constructed with safety in mind, and dual carriageways are created to reduce head-on collisions.

Interestingly, most of these countries are in Africa.

1. Chad

This country in north-central Africa has terrible roads. Chad’s underdeveloped road network, poor foreign market connectivity, flooding, and regional conflicts limit its capacity despite its geographical location, making many roads impassable.

Madagascar’s road network is poorly developed, with a low density of 5.4 km per 100 km2 and mostly poor-condition earth roads.

Mauritania faces challenging road conditions with limited paved and hard-packed dirt roads and unimproved pathways on 5,140 km (3,194 miles) of roads.

Following years of armed warfare, the country’s road network is in extremely poor condition.

This small country is located between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Poor road conditions in rural and mountain areas, with unpaved surfaces and sidewalk vendors blocking pedestrians, contribute to unsafe conditions for drivers. Not to mention numerous earthquakes that destroy the road.

This country in southern Asia has terrible roads. Rural roads are in disrepair, and mountain roads lack guardrails. During spring and fall rainstorms, drivers should exercise caution because flash floods can occur in both urban and rural regions.

Angola ranks 136th out of 141 countries in terms of road infrastructure, with 64% of the overall road network in poor or dangerous condition.

Nigeria ranked 131 out of 141, meaning it has one of the worst roads in the world.


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