AATON Chairman Restates Commitment To Enhancing Professionalism In Aviation Sector

The Chairman of the Association of Aviation Training Organisations of Nigeria (AATON), Mr. Bankole Bernard, has expressed his commitment to raising awareness and improving professionalism within the aviation industry.

Affirming that such a step would attract younger generations and foreign investors, Bernard also announced a renewed focus on advancing aviation training in Nigeria.

Bernard, who is also the Group Managing Director of Finchglow Holdings, stated this at a news conference in Lagos recently, saying that he is now better placed than before to actively promote AATON’s objectives.

He emphasized the need for greater recognition of AATON by government officials, noting that “even the minister might not be fully aware of the association’s existence.”

Bernard stressed that AATON plays a crucial role in developing aviation professionals, which is essential for the industry’s growth.

“The personnel aspect of the industry needs to be taken seriously for any significant development to occur. We need to make people aware of other professions in aviation,” he stated.

By leveraging AATON, Bernard hopes to encourage the establishment of more aviation schools, similar to the Lagos Aviation Academy, which Finchglow Holdings founded in 2017 and has since graduated over 2,400 students.

Reflecting on his tenure as the president of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA), Bernard expressed pride in the progress made.

He said, “Before I became NANTA president, it was difficult for people to see the association’s impact. Today, NANTA is known and respected.”

On his plans, he disclosed that he will extend the positive impact he made in NANTA to AATON, just as he envisioned a transformed travel industry that is dynamic and respected, capable of drawing significant foreign investment.

Bernard reaffirmed his dedication to changing perceptions and improving the aviation and travel sectors in Nigeria.

“We can change the scope of the industry to become attractive, even for foreign investors,” he added.

Source: The Will

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