ERTICO hosts Smart and Sustainable Ports webinar

his article is posted on behalf of our partners, ERTICO – ITS Europe, organisers of this year’s ITS World Congress in Hamburg.

In the fourth webinar of the series, ‘Goods Journey from Ports to Customers: Smart and Sustainable Ports of the Future’, ERTICO turns our attention to logistics. In previous webinars, we saw how the Port City of Hamburg is going full-steam ahead with preparations to host the 27th ITS World Congress and looking forward to showcasing smart mobility solutions around the city. It is not a  coincidence that four consecutive  ITS World Congresses are in Port Cities (Singapore, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Suzhou) given the importance of the topic of freight and logistics, which is widely covered at the Congress.

On July 8, you will have the opportunity to hear directly from representatives from some of these ports as well as some horizontal issues impacting the transport of goods through ports.

In the first part of the webinar, our Congress partners will present keynotes on the topic: Mr Christian Kassyda (Director Transport Policies, Public Affairs, Volkswagen) will speak about Volkswagen’s Light Commercial Vehicles, which play a crucial role in last-mile delivery, and the impact of Electrification, Digitisation and Automation;  Mr Joerg Luetzner (Head of Innovation Management Commercial Vehicles & Services at Continental Corporation) will provide a brief insight into projects along the transportation chain in which Continental contributes to overall improved transportation sustainability.

Following that, the four panellists will present different aspects of port operations and their impact. Mr Zhiwen Wu (Head of Investment Management, Jiangsu Suzhou Port Group) will present the impact of the port on the social economy; Mr Yi Han Ng (Director of Innovation, Technology & Talent Development, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore) will discuss the issue of sustainability and maritime decarbonisation; Dr Phanthian Zuesongdham (Head of Division Port Process Solution and Lead Coordinator smartPORT, Digital Maritime and ITS, Hamburg Port Authority) will present some innovative solutions being deployed in the Port of Hamburg; and finally, Mr Richard B Easley (President, E-Squared Engineering) will present an overview of the important intersection between the port(s) and the local/regional roadway network including the traffic operations professionals.

The presentations will be followed by an interactive panel discussion. Do join us by registering here.

The agenda is available here.

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