Fintech unveils contactless payment for public transportation

Touch and Pay Technologies, a fintech company, has announced that passengers can now pay for interstate travel from Lagos using a mobile app.

 According to the firm, using its Cowry app, passengers can now pay formal and informal interstate travel operators within the city.

It explained that the interstate booking function on its app automates the payment and allocation of seats for passengers.

It noted that there were over a million interstate trips daily in the country, and about 40 percent of trips originated or terminated in Lagos State.

Commenting on the launch, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Touch and Pay Technologies, Olamide Afolabi, said, “TAP is proud to be the first service to level the playing field when it comes to transportation in Lagos.

“Commuters often need to reserve tickets in advance to avoid waiting in lines. In the past, bus passengers had to physically visit counters and engage with attendants to book and pay for their trips. This is no longer the case. Customers taking an interstate trip can now access the details of their journey, including the ability to buy tickets and select the seats of their choice, without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.”

The Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of the firm, Michael Oluwole, added, “Our interstate booking feature offers commuters convenience and enables transport providers to invest in enhancing interstate travel.

“By reducing the need for cash transactions, transportation companies can streamline their operations and reduce expenses. Our new app can be viewed as a win-win for both commuters and transport providers, as it contributes to a more effective and comfortable public transportation system.”

The firm further stated that it has partnered with the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation to accredit and vet all inter-city bus parks within the state.

It explained that this will provide a unified system for regulating transportation routes, schedules, capacities, and prices within the state.

Source: Punch

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