Firm Unveils Solution To Boost Transport Management

SoftAlliance has launched a technology solution in the transport sector tagged Traffic Enforce.

According to a statement, the firm is specialized in developing solutions aimed at using technology to enhance traffic management and enforce regulations.

The recently launched technology was displayed at the 2022 National Transport Technology Exhibition which was organized by the Nigeria Transportation Commissioners Forum in Lagos.

A statement said the exhibition was meant to foster collaborations, integration, and harmonization of policies in the transport sector across states in the country.

The statement read in part, “The company believes this approach will ensure improved transport safety and inter/intra-regional security for economic growth and development.

“The conference presented a unique opportunity to showcase the robust enforcement solution and its capabilities as a veritable tool for securing lives and assets across the country.

“The solution is also designed with dark spot identification, speed limit monitoring and traffic light enforcement and the output can also be extended and shared with authorised agencies. Indeed, the solution is indeed a must-have tool for all enforcement agents in the country.”

Source: The Punch

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