IWD22: Nigerian women “breaking the bias” in the tech industry

Looking back to some 20 years ago, you will probably find only a handful of women leading or sitting at top executive positions in major companies across industries. But things are changing as the old standard is giving way to new norms, and today, there are a number of women leading in top positions, co-founding businesses and occupying apex seats in companies.

As the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, ‘Break the bias’, women over time are beginning to prove that the female gender can achieve big dreams just like their counter gender without limitation.

Highlighted are some notable women in the tech space who in addition to leading the companies, have also been able to secure funds to scale their operation in the recent past.

Damilola Olokesusi

  • Damilola is the Co-Founder and CEO of Shuttler, a transport and tech company start-up revolutionizing the way professionals and organizations commute in metropolitan cities like Lagos.
  • Shuttler was founded in 2016 to solve problems of transportation by transforming the way people commute around the world through building a global partner network and connecting communities of Shuttlers.
  • The company recently raised a $1.6 million seed round which it said it plans to use for scaling operations into other cities across Africa

Jessica Anuna

  • Jessica Anuna is the Founder and CEO of Klasha, a technology company specialising in building software to power African commerce.
  • The startup was founded in 2018 with an initial focus on making it easier for African consumers to buy products directly from global fashion retailers.
  • Last year, the San Francisco-based cross-border technology company raised $2.4 million in seed funding to build technology infrastructure for cross-border commerce in Africa.

Source: Nairametric

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