Lagos Bike Share Scheme Flagged Off By LASG

In line with the State Smart City Initiative and address UN sustainable development goals whilst fulfilling the Traffic and Transportation aspect of the Lagos State Govt’s THEMES Agenda, the State has flagged off Lagos Bike Share Scheme.

The scheme is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a short term basis for a token fee without incurring the costs and responsibilities associated with ownership.

The idea is only natural as it will lead to less cars on the road in Lagos and this is a move towards a non-motorised transport system.

The concept, as pointed out originated from Europe in 1965 and has spread immensely across the globe. The scheme allows people to rent bikes at point A to return to point B.

Users are to download the Awa Store app and follow instructions to sign up.

Users are to use the barcode via the app to unlock the bicycles and ride to their intended destination. The bike possess locks and cargo basket and it comes with gearing, finders and lights that makes urban biking enjoyable

About 100 bikes were used as a pilot scheme while more bikes will be deployed to the metropolis.

Source: The Nation

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