Nigeria promises its citizens affordable commuting with electric vehicle rollout

  • Nigeria’s Ministry of Transportation, led by Minister Sa’idu Alkali, announces plans to acquire an electric car fleet.
  • Minister Alkali’s strategy includes not only the electric car initiative but also a commitment to revitalizing the rail transportation sector.
  • The minister vows to closely monitor and evaluate departmental performance within the Ministry and its agencies to uphold operational standards.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Transportation has revealed its ambitious plan to acquire a fleet of electric cars in an effort to improve transportation effectiveness and address rising concerns about fuel costs. This change is anticipated to improve commuter convenience countrywide as well as cut carbon emissions.

Sa’idu Alkali, the recently sworn-in Minister of Transportation made the announcement in Abuja after returning to work on Tuesday. He claims that the purchase of these cars would help to lower the high transportation costs that have resulted from the removal of fuel subsidies.

“The Ministry of Transport must assume a leading role in improving the public transportation sector to support the numerous policies that are geared towards providing democratic dividends that are accessible to ordinary Nigerians through effective provision of public transport that is secured, affordable, and convenient across the country,” the minister said.

“So, I am going to ensure that the mass transit system is effective and put in place. The agenda of Mr. President is renewed hope and we will make sure that with the removal of fuel subsidy, we have an effective mass transit system and see how we can procure electric vehicles so that at least the cost of transportation with even the mass transit system is reviewed downward across the country, I will also ensure a sustainable collaboration with related ministries, agencies, and corporate entities to reactivate the road transport and mass transit operations in the country,” he added.

The minister also stated that he will revitalize the rail transportation industry with a focus on guaranteeing safe and effective operation.

“I will under the careful study of prevailing economic trends, undertake the provision, modernization, rehabilitation, planning, and development of the rail transport sector with efficient security services to support the realization of the primary purpose of government,” the minister relayed.

“This initiative will no doubt maximize the potentials embodied in the recent Constitutional alterations that moved rail transport services from the exclusive list to the concurrent list. It will also reduce the frequent menace on our roads characterized by accidents, kidnappings, and armed robbery,” he added.

Alkali continued by promising to monitor and assess how well agencies working under it are carrying out the government’s renewed hope agenda. He also promised to provide a supportive work environment for the workers. However, he issued a warning that he would not put up with any sort of carelessness or disrespect.

“To ensure the realization of the “Renewed Hope” of this administration, I have resolved to ensure effective supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of the performance of all the departments of the Ministry and its agencies to meet operational standards, judicious expenditure management, and optimal productivity.”


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