Nigeria’s Auto Industry Be Doomed If Critical Steps Are Not Taken, Says NADDC Boss

The director-general of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Mr. Joseph Osanipin, has warned that Nigeria’s auto industry is headed for doom if critical steps are not taken to revive it.

Speaking at the Nigeria Auto Industry Summit, Osanipin urged stakeholders to take action, citing the example of Morocco, which has successfully grown its auto industry from exporting 23,000 units in 2013 to 460,000 units currently. In contrast, Nigeria has failed to make progress, continuing to import vehicles instead of exporting them.

Osanipin emphasized the need for stakeholders to face reality and take steps forward, warning that inaction will lead to stagnation and eventual collapse.

He stressed that the industry cannot afford to stand still while technology advances, and urged stakeholders to work together to develop Nigeria’s economy through the auto industry.

The NADDC boss called for a concerted effort to revive the industry, starting with a basic understanding of the current reality and taking steps to move forward.

He emphasized that the fate of Nigeria’s auto industry hung in the balance and that it was up to stakeholders to take action to prevent its collapse.

Source: Leadership NG

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