TRACE Reiterates Zero Tolerance To Driving Against Traffic, Highway Parking

Cdr. Seni Ogunyemi, TRACE Corps’ Commander of Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Agency TRACE, in a telephone interview with DAILY INDEPENDENT on Wednesday said he had given a command to the Ogun West Area Command to checkmate the perennial traffic infractions, especially driving against traffic (one-way) and highway parking by commercial transport operators at the Sango-Ota Tollgate axis.

A visit to the Tollgate axis by our correspondents revealed the level of violations committed by motorists, especially Commercial drivers and riders, found contravening traffic laws brazenly as explained by the Corps’ Commander.

He said, “You can see the non-challenge attitude of these drivers and riders, this is despite our repeated visits and sensitization,”, reiterating his intention to begin mass apprehension of violators to serve as a deterrent to others.

He added, “I have strong worries and concerns over the high level of traffic infractions around the tollgate corridor of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway where lots of driving against traffic and highway parking are recorded by my officers on a daily basis, leading to crashes with fatal consequences.”

He lamented that most of the crashes in that axis are directly and indirectly caused by the reckless and mindless violations of road safety regulations, stressing that a number of the drivers know the right things to do behind the wheels, but are bent on flouting safety regulations to their peril and other hapless road users, CDR. Ogunyemi said.

Stressing, the days of traffic offenders are numbered as quick prosecution awaits offenders, “Our agency has resolved in the coming months to begin apprehension and quick prosecution of offenders, aimed at reducing the number of offenders and the crashes they cause.”

“In the last few months, we carried out expansive and far-reaching Public education, enlightenment, and sensitization campaigns which are expected to guide the motoring public on the need to obey all road safety regulations, both at the tollgate corridor and other areas of Ota, warning them against reckless driving, reckless overtaking, over-speeding, and drunk driving.” He added.

Source: Independent News

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