Tricycle operators in Kaduna decry multiple taxations, want gov’t intervention

Some commercial tricycle operators in Kaduna state on Wednesday lamented over multiple levies meted on them by several government-supported transport unions in the state.

The operators made their grievances known while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna.

Mr. David Akin, a commercial tricycle operator in Sabo, told NAN that unions numbering more than five, demanded daily taxes from them, a trend that made their operation rather challenging.

According to him, he pays at least N2,500 daily to them because there were several unions at different settlements within the metropolis.

“Different unions will just print receipts and you see boys with unruly attitudes harass us while we are trying to make ends meet.

“I would love the Government to intervene by harmonizing all these unions to one body so we know where our taxes are going to,” he said.

Similarly, Mr. Yusuf Nda of Ungwan Rimi, another operator, described the development as unfortunate, saying within Ungwan Rimi alone there were more than four different unions that demanded daily taxes from them.

“You come across a union that would demand N100, N1000, N4,000 for either local government ticket, sticker, or painting registration.

“This situation is what makes us increase our fare, and we will want the state government to intervene so that these multiple taxations will stop.”

In the same vein, Danlami Yunusa, operating in Narayi, said most operators especially those who made daily returns to their owners, struggled to meet their target due to multiple taxes on them.

“Some tricycle owners don’t care whether you pay taxes or not, they only want you to keep your part of the bargain.

“Unfortunately, after paying some of these taxes and you deduct how much spent on fueling and servicing, you are left with barely enough,” disclosed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shegun Samuel, Chairman of Kadsico Unit Union (KUU), a regulatory union at Karji, admitted that there were over 10 unions in Kaduna, each claiming to be the most authentic.

“Unfortunately, while the Keke operators are suffering, the state government is not generating enough revenue due to the proliferation of these unions.

“If you go to other states, they only have one Union but because of the selfish interest of some people, they just go and organize themselves and print receipts.

He appealed to the state government to as a matter of urgency, collapse existing unions with the aim of coming up with a single regulatory union for tricycle operators in the state.

However, a top staff member of the Kaduna State Board of International Revenue who sought anonymity, told NAN that the board was responsible for taxation that bothered with vehicle registration including, particulars.

“There is also N100 daily levy the operators pay, aside from this, every other union collecting levies are operating on their own.” the source said.


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