Zino Aviation partners with SafeFly Express to elevate pilot training standards

Zino Aviation, at the forefront of aviation training, and SafeFly Express, a top-flight school have partnered to revolutionize aviation education by tackling the pivotal hurdles faced by aspiring pilots.

According to the partners in a statement obtained by BusinessDay, this collaboration aims at creating a more streamlined, affordable, and accessible route to achieving their flying ambitions.

Temisan Mario, COO of Zino Aviation, said: “Our meticulous selection process for partnering with flight schools is designed to safeguard students against pitfalls. By partnering exclusively with reputable, audited, and vetted flight schools like SafeFly Express, we ensure our students receive high-quality, trustworthy training.”

“This collaboration between Zino Aviation and SafeFly Express is fundamental in addressing the challenges faced by student pilots, offering them a reliable, affordable, and efficient route to achieving their aviation aspirations.”

“Through this strategic partnership, we are dedicated to eliminating the obstacles that can hinder progress, ensuring our students are well-equipped, well-informed, and well on their way to a successful career in aviation.”

According to the partners, aspiring pilots frequently confront significant barriers in their quest for the cockpit, from a lack of preparedness for the demanding nature of flight school to the complex challenge of identifying the right school and training program.

Source: The Business Day

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